Antibiotic-resistant germs - a ticking time bomb

Different colored pills and other medicine


Antibiotics are prescribed far too frequently, especially for the treatment of illnesses such as bronchitis, influenza or angina. About 70 - 80 % of all diseases of the upper respiratory tract are viral.

Lyme Borreliosis: „A clinical and diagnostic chameleon“ (part 1)

Ticks on a leaf


Lyme Borreliosis is a bacterial infection transmitted to humans by infected ticks. It is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, an agile, spiral bacterium, for which there is no existing immunisation. Unfortunately, due to the mild winter, and expanding tick populations, the risk of contracting this infection, has recently increased.

Workplace Drug Testing

Drugs in the pocket


Testing for both alcohol and drug consumption in a new or existing employee can be a valuable tool for an employer. In the UK, workplace testing can be incorporated into any company´s health and safety policy under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. Pre-employment screening, post incident detection and random testing are all forms of such a policy.

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