With our LUCIO ®-Drug ELISAs, we offer over 20 CE certified assays for drugs and their metabolites in order to practically examine all sample types relevant to a forensic laboratory. The drastic reduction of the detection limits, as well as the sharp decline in positive rates in the examined samples, require a cost-effective screening test with particularly high sensitivity and high reliability in the field of the cut off region. The LUCIO ®-Drug ELISA tests meet all the requirements listed above and provide an easy and inexpensive way to accurately analyse the samples before extensive (time-consuming) chromatographic / mass spectrometric assays. LUCIO ®-Drug ELISAs are suitable for drug analysis in almost all to be examined samples such as urine, saliva, etc. Thanks to the assay configuration, the tests require an implementation of only two steps, without the use of secondary antibodies

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