Real time PCR (qPCR) marks a revolution in the clinical diagnosesof  numerous diseases. The qualitative and quantitative detection of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from pathogens enables physicians to establish a fast, highly-specific and extremely sensitive diagnosis. This is especially useful given that genetic examination is becoming more and more prominent, particularly in fields such as oncology, blood coagulation-related diseases or personalized medicine.

The LUCIO® qPCR system unlocks all the possibilities molecular diagnostics has to offer, and with it the necessary, easy-to-handle components – let’s get started!

This revolutionary method of qPCR diagnostics can now be used by labs across the globe, thanks to the experience and customer-orientated support of the nal von minden GmbH team. The system requires minimal maintenance, and all you need is a little training to get qPCR running in your lab. Our team is trained in not only technical, but also scientific and clinical support. Should you have any questions regarding the LUCIO® qPCR, we can guarantee that we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Professional molecular diagnostics rests on the basis of easy, yet high-quality DNA- and RNA extraction from a variety of clinical samples. The performance of our LUCIO® M-12 Autoextractor delivers even small laboratories the cost-efficient and standardized purification of nucleic acids from whole blood, liquor, urine, swabs and many more…

Our product portfolio of qPCR reagents is extensive, allowing both large and small laboratories to use a system from a single manufacturer that encompasses all clinical parameters of interest and making for a simplified workflow. The cost-efficiency and high quality of our reagents in particular are fundamental elements of our LUCIO® qPCR reagents. It is our goal to develop our portfolio with the help of our customers: nal von minden GmbH is your partner in the development of molecular diagnostics.

The LUCIO® Thermocycler is a robust and highly sensitive device. The corresponding software is user-friendly and needs only a minimum of experience in qPCR. The analyses of results are quick and simple due to the robust algorithms used in the software.

The LUCIO® Thermocycler is a sound and highly-sensitive device. The corresponding software is user-friendly and requires only rudimentary experience in qPCR. Thanks to the robust algorithms used in the software, result analysis with the LUCIO® Thermocycler is quick and simple.

Your advantages with LUCIO® qPCR

  •  Easy and customer-orientated workflow
  •  Cost-efficient and high quality product portfolio
  • Strong technical and scientific support
  • qPCR solutions for small and medium-sized laboratories
  •  Robust qPCR with high performance and sensitivity
  •  Extensive support for our qPCR customers