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Jenny Button, new Country Manager for UK and Ireland


Jenny had a background in clinical and forensic toxicology spanning 20 years. She started her career at St George’s University of London, delivering routine therapeutic drug monitoring services. Later she progressed to head up...

nal von minden Drug-Screen® MDPV test


New rapid test for the detection of synthetic Cathions Methylenedioxypyrovalerones Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) belongs to the group of psychotropic substances and acts as a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor. MDPV...

E-cigarettes: are they healthier than normal cigarettes?


With the recent increase of people using electronic cigarettes to help them give up smoking or under the assumption to change to a healthier alternative, it bears the question of whether they are actually really healthier than...

nal von minden & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - What you need to know


Engaging with charitable projects closely linked to nal von minden and the services which we provide is an integral part of our company policy, whether they be environmentally, community or health related. It is around...

Mosquito-borne Diseases: An Urban Outbreak


Among tropical diseases, Malaria is arguably the most well known mosquito-borne disease, however, less universally known tropical diseases such as dengue pose just as much a threat and can cause devastating effects to communities...

‘World Health Day 2016: Diabetes’; All you need to know in an article!


Sponsored by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and endorsed by 194 nations worldwide, World Health Day 2016 is an important date to jot down in the calendar! Highlighting different public health issues on a yearly basis since...

World Tuberculosis Day - All you need to know!


One of only eight annual global public health marketing campaigns endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), World Tuberculosis day will be observed by all member states of the WHO on 24th March 2016. Acknowledged every...

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